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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

భారత దేశం లో సంభవించిన పెను విపత్తులు

భారత దేశం లో సంభవించిన పెను విపత్తులు  SR. NO. Name of Event Year Fatalities 1. Maharashtra Earthquake 1618 2,000 2. Bengal Earthquake... thumbnail 1 summary

భారత దేశం లో సంభవించిన పెను విపత్తులు 

SR. NO.Name of EventYearFatalities
1.Maharashtra Earthquake16182,000
2.Bengal Earthquake1737300,000
3.Bengal Cyclone186460,000
4.The Great Famine of Southern India1876-18785.5 million
5.Maharashtra Cyclone1882100,000
6.The Great Indian famine1896-18971.25 million to 10 million
7.Kangra earthquake190520,000
8.Bihar Earthquake19346,000
9.Bengal Cyclone1970500,000 (include Pakistan and Bangladesh also)
10.Drought1972200 million people affected
11.Andhra Pradesh Cyclone197710,000
12.Drought in Haryana & Punjab1987300 million people affected
13.Latur Earthquake19937,928 death and 30,000 injured
14.Orissa Super Cyclone199910,000
15.Gujarat Earthquake200125,000
16.Indian Ocean Tsunami200410,749 deaths 5,640 persons missing
17.Kashmir Earthquake200586000 deaths (include Kashmir & Pakistan)
18.Kosi Floods2008527
19.Cyclone Nisha of Tamil Nadu2008204

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